The Green Refectory

By Natalia Smith on 27 Jul 2013
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Looking for a coffee after a busy morning of inspections? This week Street News writer Natalia Smith dropped in for breakfast at the busy Green Refectory in Brunswick.

The Green Refectory – 115 Sydney Road, Brunswick

The Green Refectory – or Green’s, as locals know it – is a Brunswick landmark known for its ridiculously good, ridiculously cheap food. Owner Alison Green has created a business based on a high quality menu that reflects Brunswick’s eclectic population.

Some of the most popular items on the menu include the Breakfast Stack and Berry Compote Pancakes, both for under $10. On any given day there will also be an endless supply of cakes, slices, muffins, pies and salads.

The genuine offering of both vegetarian and vegan choices is popular with animal-friendly locals. Portions are generally big enough for two for half the price and presentation is charming and spotless. Finding lunch for less than $6 is easily done.

Admittedly, Green’s is not to everyone’s liking. Its popularity means you’re unlikely to find a seat unless you’re happy to share with a stranger. The tables and chairs are wobbly, the paint is peeling and if you have a pram or a wheelchair to accommodate then you might as well just walk away. All in all it’s very ‘Brunswick’.

Ultimately, Green’s is definitely worth trying. The food will not disappoint and the friendly staff in their crocheted beanies and vintage shirts are cheery no matter how busy it gets. If you can get past the chaos, there are some seriously good pancakes waiting.


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