The World’s Tallest Residential Towers

By Heather Scott on 31 May 2013
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After taking a look at the most expensive apartments in the world last week, we thought we would take a whirlwind tour of the tallest residential towers. Six of the top ten are situated in Dubai, UAE, so geographically we’re not going to be moving very far!













Holding the number ONE spot is the Princess Tower in Dubai. At a staggering 414 metres, the 101-floor building was opened in September 2012 and has held the top spot ever since. It is home to 763 apartments and eight retailers on the lower levels.

There are currently three skyscrapers under construction that are all vying for the top spot, so the Princess Tower needs to enjoy the title while it still can.

The Pentominium is projected to be a 516 metre skyscraper. At 122 storeys, it will be the second tallest building in the world and the tallest residential tower. Construction began in Dubai in 2009 but has been on hold since May 2011. Due to complications with the Global Financial Crisis it is unknown whether the project will be completed.





















Marina 101, also in Dubai, has an expected completion date of 2014 and will measure 432 metres with 516 apartments over 101 floors.

The World One tower takes us to Mumbai, India where the planned 442 metre construction is estimated to cost $370 million. Over its 117 floors there will be a mere 300 apartments. There are plans for the building to be environmentally friendly and run entirely off recycled water and rainwater, as well as solar energy for water heating. The top floors are reserved for ‘World Mansions’ penthouses that cover two floors, offering 360° views and every luxury imaginable.















The Burj Khalifa, also in Dubai, seems tiny in comparison, despite standing at an astounding 829.8 metres. To put things into perspective, the Princess Tower is almost exactly half the size of the Burj Khalifa and only comes in as the 16th tallest building in the world.

Currently sitting in SECOND place is 23 Marina in Dubai, at a height of 392.8 metres. It has a six storey lobby and 57 swimming pools. The iconic Empire State Building in New York City measures 381 metres, putting it at the same height as the THIRD tower on our list, Elite Residence in Dubai.














In FOURTH place is the Marina Torch in Dubai, which measures 336.8 metres tall. It obtained the tallest residential tower title in 2011, taking it from our own Q1 on the Gold Coast. The Q1 held the title for six years after it was finished in 2005, but now sits in FIFTH position worldwide. However, it remains the tallest in the Southern Hemisphere at 322.5 metres. The SkyPoint observation deck on the 77th and 78th floors gives spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and on a clear day you can see north past Brisbane and south down to Byron Bay.

Jumping down to EIGHTH spot is the Gramercy Residences in Makita, Philippines. Standing at 302 metres, it is part of the Century City development which will soon include a new Trump Tower and commercial district.

At number TEN, Capital City tower in Moscow overtook London’s The Shard as the tallest building in Europe, at 301.6 metres. Two towers make up the complex, which is named after the country’s two historic capitals – St Petersburg and Moscow. The latter is the tallest. The building has a large entertainment quarter featuring state-of-the-art cinemas incorporated into its 76 storeys.















Right down at number TWELVE is Melbourne’s own Eureka Tower, standing tall (sorry, couldn’t resist) at 297.3 metres. If we get down to specifics, the skyscraper was technically the tallest residential tower when measured to the highest floor – the 91st in this case – until 2010, when Ocean Heights and the HHHR Tower in Dubai both surpassed it.

The full list of tallest residential towers around the world:

1. Princess Tower – Dubai, UAE – 414 m
2. 23 Marina – Dubai, UAE – 392.8m
3. Elite Residence – Dubai, UAE – 381m
4. The Marina Torch – Dubai, UAE – 336.8m
5. Q1 – Gold Coast, Australia – 322.5m
6. HHHR Tower – Dubai – 317m
7. Ocean Heights – Dubai – 310m
8. Gramercy Residences – Makita, Philippines – 302m
9. Etihad Tower 5 – Abu Dhabi, UAE – 305m
10. Capital City Tower – Moscow, Russia – 301.59m
11. We’ve the Zenith Tower A – Busan, South Korea – 293.3m
12. Eureka Tower – Melbourne – 297.28m

Under Construction:

DAMAC Heights – Dubai, UAE – 420m
World One – Mumbai, India – 442m
Pentominium – Dubai, UAE – 516m – on hold

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