The Twins Win The Block Sky High, But How Much Did The Apartments Sell For?

By Peter Sarmas on 29 Jul 2013
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Adelaide sisters Alisa and Lysandra of apartment level 1 have been announced the winners of the 2013 season of The Block Sky High after selling their property for $1.435 million, $295,000 over the $1.14 million reserve price.

The identical twins, who left their husbands and young children behind to compete in the competition, have seen their months of hard work pay off – they walk away with a combined total of $395,000 in prize money to share between them. 

Despite the disadvantage of being assigned the bottom floor apartment in the building and missing out on the beautiful city views that many of the other teams chose to feature as a main selling point of their own apartments, the South Australian twins’ impeccable design work made them the long running favourites to win come auction day.

The girls’ resort-style 3 bedroom apartment featured high-end SMEG kitchen appliances, a coffee machine, $6000 to $7000 Zip taps and polished concrete kitchen bench tops, but it was the overall style and design features that secured their fate as winners at the end of the day.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing for Alisa and Lysandra. While they never assumed they would secure an easy win knowing what tough competition they were up against, the sisters were quietly confident.

During the auctions, for one nail biting moment it appeared Sydney newlyweds Madi and Jarrod might take out the girls for top place, selling their sub-penthouse apartment for $1.601 million, a total profit $291,000 above their reserve price, only $4000 less than the twins.

As predicted, this was a very close call!

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Although not the competition winners, Madi and Jarrod still leave the competition $291,000 richer. The level 4 renovators say that their prize money would go towards paying off Madi’s university debts for her design degree, and securing their own home and raising children.

West Australian couple Matt and Kim came in third place with their level 2 apartment, which sold for a total of $1.455 million, $250,000 over the reserve price.

Melbourne’s Bec and George placed fourth with their level 3 apartment, which was purchased for $1.507 million, $242,000 over its reserve price. The couple who are keen to start a family say that their goal is to build, renovate and develop properties as careers.

Brisbane pair Trixie and Johnno who renovated level 5 came in at fifth place with the penthouse apartment, which sold for $1.605 million; $205,000 over its reserve price.

The couple recently sold their latest home to return to renting, in order to put all their money into therapy for their youngest son Kelly who was diagnosed as autistic as a toddler. They say their prize money will make a great difference in the lives of their children.

The twins, both officers for the South Australian Police force, plan to split their prize money and use a large portion of it to start up their own interior styling business while continuing to work as part-time police officers.

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