Top 10 Common Frustrations When Selling a Property

By Kristie Kwok on 3 Mar 2014
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We recently asked our Street News Facebook followers to tell us what they found most frustrating when selling a property. 

Using the range of comments received, we were able to compile a list of the most common responses. For those who are in the process of selling a property or are planning to do so, our top 10 annoyances will no doubt resonate.

1. Keeping the House Clean

By far the biggest irritation in the selling process is having the house spic-and-span for inspections. 

Many respondents alluded to the challenges of trying to create the perfect ‘display home’ look whilst living in the property with young children or pets.

2. Real Estate Agents

Next on the list are real estate agents. Causes of frustrations vary, but broadly, these include agents not giving enough notice for inspections, visiting the property without permission, not turning up to appointments and setting unrealistic price expectations.

3. Never-ending Inspections

Our followers consider inspections stressful because they can happen at the most inconvenient times, day or night, seven days a week. 

Some feel uncomfortable having strangers coming into their house while others are more worried about having items broken or stolen.

4. Time Wasters

These include people who put in ridiculously low offers or worse still, those who turn up to inspections only to nose around with no intention of buying.

5. Low Offers From Buyers

Although it is frustrating when agents quote unreasonably high potential sale prices, having buyers make an offer lower than your expectations also presents a trying experience, especially if your future plans hinge on achieving a particular sales figure.

6. Neighbours Behaving Badly

We received many comments about neighbours seemingly choosing the open inspection day to play loud music or have ear-splitting arguments. 

Some are also annoyed at neighbours who turn up to inspections just to snoop around.

7. Keeping Gardens and Lawns Looking Fabulous

Making sure the outside look as good as the inside can be tiresome as well, especially if there are extreme weather conditions such as heat waves, storms or floods.

8. Buyer Pulling Out

After all the inspections, the waiting, the negotiations and the paperwork, it is understandably a seller’s worst nightmare if the sale falls through because the prospective buyer’s finance has not been approved.

9. Spending Time and Money for Repairs

Having lived with small imperfections for years, the need to sell prompts many to shell out money and time on repairs around the home. 

The really frustrating thing is that the home will now be perfect – for someone else to move in and enjoy!

10. No Shows for Open Inspections

Lastly, having no one turn up to your open inspection after all the effort you’ve put in is not only disheartening, but also worrying.

About the Author

Kristie Kwok is a Street News writer and a fully qualified chartered accountant with a Bachelor of Accounting and Finance degree. Kristie has a passion for all aspects related to property. She also has a strong interest in the economy and financial markets. Kristie has worked for reputable corporates such as KPMG UK, UBS, Lloyds Banking Group and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

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