About Us

Street News is a property information portal made with the consumer in mind. No longer do you need to navigate numerous websites to get the local property and real estate information you need – it’s all here in one place at Street News: Recent Sales Results, Property News, Property Professionals and Local Lifestyle Options.

Our team is passionate and dedicated about informing and educating consumers on all facets of the property market – empowering them in their next property decision. We live and breathe property daily and have over 16 years’ experience in the real estate industry. Writing and informing is our passion.

Independent and transparent, Street News provides property news and analysis that’s relevant and easy to follow, as well as information on local points of interest such as schools, cafés, restaurants, bicycle paths and parks. Our content writers and contributors are leaders in their respective fields and remain at the forefront of real estate news, both locally and around the country.

We recognise that consumers spend an enormous amount of time familiarising themselves with the property market in their area. They want to know the absolute ins and outs about their prospective home – from the lifestyle options available in the neighbourhood, to recent sales data and local demographics. Most importantly, they want the ability to choose a real estate professional who has been tried and proven – reviewed. One who has been vetted by others, like them, on their property journey.

We believe Street News is the only hyperlocal website in Australia to combine all these important elements and make them work effectively together on one platform.

Street News: News, Reviews and Property

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