Which Agents Will Sell The Block Sky High?

By Peter Sarmas on 4 Jul 2013

The Block

Source: Channel Nine

Hit renovation-reality show The Block has announced its South Melbourne “Sky High” auctions will take place on Saturday July 27.

After the final renovation episode attracted a whopping 1.174 million viewers, we can expect the inspections (set to take place over the July 13-14 weekend) to bring in masses of fans looking for a real life glimpse of the incredible apartments they have watched contestants create.

Hocking Stuart Albert Park real estate agents Kendall Bares and David Wood have secured Trixie and Johnno’s panoramic 360 degree view penthouse apartment, which will be listed at $1.3 million.

Initially in the series, David Wood gave the pair advice on the best possible floor plans for the apartment, which have served them well, so their decision to return to Hocking Stuart was a natural one.

Property Advocacy

Dingle Partners have listed Alisa and Lysandra’s first floor apartment at $1.2 million. The renovators of the level one apartment have won the most prize money from the competitions that run throughout the series, meaning that they have been able to invest the most money in their apartment.

According to Dingle Partners Managing Director Anton Wongtrakun, “The girls were much more interested in an overall design concept that was seamless between all rooms rather than trying to create individual rooms to win challenges. The apartment really has a wonderful flow”.

Matt and Kim are importing Sydney auctioneer Damien Cooley, who managed to push Phil and Amity’s Bondi house $295,000 above its reserve price during The Block: All Stars, winning them the competition.

The other two pairs have yet to announce which agents will be listing their apartments, but we can expect announcements over the next few days, because time is running out.

Though the final episode has yet to be scheduled, we can assume it will take place on Sunday July 28, the night after the auction.

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