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By Natalia Smith on 20 Jul 2013
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Looking for a coffee after a busy morning of inspections? Street News writer Natalia Smith took some time out after researching her Local Insights column to review one of Ivanhoe’s most popular cafés. 

Lip Café – 226 Waterdale Road, Ivanhoe

Despite having competition from more than fifty other restaurants and cafés in Ivanhoe, Lip Café is popular with locals and nearly always busy.

Owner Julian Chew is committed to using local free range and organic produce. The menu aims to be highly international but the café is homely and welcoming. All cakes and pastries are made in-store each morning and the kitchen also serves up a fairly extensive breakfast and lunch menu.

The coffee is well made, if a little on the strong side. Order a hot chocolate instead and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the size. Food servings are also generous and staff are friendly but efficient. The small café is inviting but busy, so if you prefer quiet then take-away may be a better option.

If asked for a recommendation, staff will suggest the cinnamon scrolls with cream cheese frosting. They’re a good choice but if there’s one must-try item on the menu it’s the rhubarb crumble muffins. These are better when warmed up but nearly always sell out before 11am, so be sure to get there early.


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