House Rules Winners Crowned

Though it had a poor start in the ratings, new home reno show House Rules turned into appointment television for 1.8 million viewers by its final episode, closing in on Channel 9 rival The Block Sky High.

The competition was a gruelling one for the six rival teams, who had to hand over the keys to their homes so the other contestants could revamp every room following set ‘house rules’ that outlined the styles and colours the owners were looking for.

In Monday night’s grand finale, SA duo Carly and Leighton and NSW couple Michelle and Steve had to transform one last space in their opposing team’s home.

Michelle and Steve decided to turn Carly and Leighton’s games room into a sleek garden studio, with a bar area, yoga practice space and a vertical garden wall.

Over in NSW, Carly and Leighton converted Steve and Michelle’s basement into a vibrant family entertainment space.

Unlike The Block, where the winning property is determined by auction, House Rules has the public cast their votes in order to pick the most deserving team.

Carly and Leighton were crowned the winners, meaning their $450,000 mortgage will be paid off in full.

“Winning means a brand new start,” Carly said after the announcement. “We can do so much more with our lives knowing our mortgage is taken care of.”

While the other teams don’t benefit from this prize, they will profit from the renovations, which have significantly increased the market value of their homes. Runners up Michelle and Steve purchased their 1950s Collaroy Plateau house for $650,000 in May last year. After two separate appraisals, their house has now been valued at $830,000 to $875,000.

Channel 7 are already searching for their next contestants. The process should attract interest from those looking to live the Australian dream and own their home outright.


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