House Rules Team Put Home On Market After Break-Up

By Emily Tatti on 15 Aug 2014
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House Rules Team Put Home On Market After Break-Up

Photo: Property Central

House Rules fans will be interested to learn that NSW team Candy and Ryan have already put their home on the market.

The former couple, who came third on the home renovating series, are selling their three-bedroom house due to their separation, which occurred soon after the show’s hectic competition was over.

“Candy and I have great memories of this home, but we have to move on and that is the next step, to sell it,” Ryan said, adding that the Sydney market seems to be “going crazy” at the moment, and that this influenced their decision to sell now.  

“It’s difficult to put a price on the home due to its celebrity status and the extent of the renovations.”

The NSW team agree that the pressures of the show weren’t to blame for the end of their relationship, but that renovating is a lot harder than it seems. According to Candy, “to renovate a house in six months is difficult, but to do it in a week is almost impossible. But you do it and it is amazing to watch it transform in front of your eyes.”  

Their Emu Plains property was the first to be renovated by the contestants, and it will go up for auction on Saturday August 30.

When it was purchased for $400,000 back in 2013, it was a tired-looking red brick house with a detached granny flat and a big backyard. After the teams set to work, it was transformed, and now features a funky modern kitchen, a studio retreat, a private outdoor entertaining area and bright, airy extra bedrooms.

The spacious outdoor deck

The spacious outdoor deck is expected to be a big selling point
Photo: Property Central

The bright kitchen

Candy and Ryan’s colourful kitchen, which was renovated by WA couple Carole and Russell
Photo: Property Central

“The house has been fully renovated inside and out now,” Ryan says. “It has got all the modern features you would expect and some. It has beautiful flooring, open-plan living and there has been no expense spared.”

The pair’s real estate agent, Paul Wallace of Property Central Penrith, is seeking bids over $499,950. He claims it’s difficult to put a price on the home due to its celebrity status and the extent of the renovations, which are some of the most expensive he has ever seen.

However, he remains confident it will sell quickly, particularly due to the popularity of the area and the heat in that market.

“We are at the foot of the Blue Mountains, have the river on our doorstep, there are great little schools, coffee shops, the shops are only around the corner and the M4 is just on the other side,” Mr Wallace said. 

“I keep waiting for this bubble to burst but it doesn’t; we are still selling houses for above expectations and asking prices.”

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