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Is Australian Housing Heading for a Hard Landing or a Financial Cliff?

By Peter Sarmas on 16 Oct 2017 No Comments

From my experience and talking with real estate agents the Melbourne market has softened no doubt, but are we heading towards a financial cliff? ...

Why I’m Not Worried about a Property Downturn

By Peter Sarmas on 25 Sep 2017 No Comments

It is really important to emphasise why I believe this economic exit from the property sector will not be a disaster. ...

Have Australians become a bunch of Whingers?

By Peter Sarmas on 11 Sep 2017 No Comments

  Melbourne Auction Results 11th of September 2017 73% Clearance Rate 836 Reported Auctions Sold at Auction: 523     Passed in: 194     Sold Before: 99     Sold After: 0     Postponed 14       Source:REIV   Melbourne Market Wrap March 11th September , 2017 The REIV reported 836 properties ...

Melbourne’s Daily Average Visitors Nearing 1 Million

By Peter Sarmas on 28 Aug 2017 No Comments

According to Population Estimates and Forecasts report nearly one million people will be visiting Melbourne on an average weekday within the next five years ...

Is Housing Affordability Creating A Gap Between The Rich and The Poor?

By Peter Sarmas on 7 Aug 2017 No Comments

Australia's political parties are using housing affordability as a platform to boost their popularity and polarise the community, but is this a local issue? Low interest rate cycles globally have pushed asset prices up, so how will this affect our market? ...

Households under Mortgage Stress Could Surpass 800,000

By Peter Sarmas on 19 Jun 2017 No Comments

The latest unemployment figure releases last week show the Australian economy is growing but is this true? We scratch the surface and look at the problem with our wage growth, our youth unemployment and why many households are suffering mortgage stress. ...

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