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New Population Figures Has Doomsayers Seeing Red

By Peter Sarmas on 26 Mar 2017 No Comments

At this rate, the ABS projects Victoria’s population to grow to 9.9 million by 2056, with Melbourne’s population equaling that of major cities like New York. This raises many questions about whether Victoria is ready for such growth. ...

The Misinformation on Australia’s Affordability Crisis

By Peter Sarmas on 20 Mar 2017 No Comments

Housing Affordability has become a political centerpiece for both State and Federal governments, with voters exerting enormous pressure to bring “The Great Australian Dream” within reach, especially for first home buyers. Whether new measures by government will increase housing affordability remains to be seen. ...

RBA: More Rate Cuts Threaten Financial Stability

By Peter Sarmas on 26 Feb 2017 No Comments

The Reserve Bank Governor addressed parliament last week. The gist of his speech was that he remained concerned about rising household debt levels with little or no wage growth. Mr Lowe discussed the challenges of stimulating the Australian economy further and creating a potential “dangerous” situation, as a result of further rate cuts. ...

APRA Sounds Warning to Banks

By Peter Sarmas on 13 Feb 2017 No Comments

A key warning sounded by the RBA though was aimed at the property market and in particular a rise in speculative investing to property investors. This warning was followed up last week by APRA’s public announcement to banks that they will be punished for breaching the 10% speed limit on lending to property investors. ...

Will Melbourne Property Prices Continue To Rise?

By Peter Sarmas on 5 Feb 2017 No Comments

A big driver of Melbourne property prices has been its population growth. Respected economist Saul Eslake points out that in contrast to other states, population growth in Victoria is accelerating (reaching a seven-year high in mid-2016). Eslake says "even though there is a lot of new supply coming on-stream in Melbourne, prices could still keep rising during 2017, albeit at more moderate rates.” ...

Trump’s Affect on Property

By Peter Sarmas on 20 Nov 2016 No Comments

Trumps’ presidency was predicted to be the downfall of Wall Street and global financial markets but as with Brexit this did not happen. In fact global equity markets soared on the back of Trump’s proposed stimulus measures for the US economy. ...

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