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Immigrants Are Pushing House Prices Higher

By Peter Sarmas on 19 Mar 2018 No Comments

Much of Australia’s history and success has been built on the back immigration but are the current intake levels too high and how are they impacting prices? ...

Hangover Stock Brings About Buying Opportunities

By Peter Sarmas on 26 Feb 2018 No Comments

This week Melbourne's auction market has been tested with over 1200 properties reportedly going under the hammer over the weekend. Although both Domain and the REIV show clearance rates at nearly 70%, this on the surface seems good but in actual fact is 10% down for the same time last year. Speaking to a number of agents around town confirms.... ...

Where is The Property Market Heading?

By Peter Sarmas on 12 Feb 2018 No Comments

There has been a lot of “white noise” surrounding the Sydney and Melbourne property market over the last few months and it has taken me a while to determine which way things were actually going to go. Is the Australian property market heading down the gurgler or is this just a glitch? ...

Property Market Trends in Melbourne Which Could Affect Prices

By Peter Sarmas on 17 Dec 2017 No Comments

In this final edition we look at what how the Melbourne property market has fared and what whether we are likely to see any changes in property prices, demand for property and economic drivers. ...

Concerns Over Our Economic Future But No Crash

By Peter Sarmas on 27 Nov 2017 No Comments

This week as well as discussing how the Melbourne and Sydney property markets are faring I will also briefly chat about what I gleaned from my lunch with Bill Evans. ...

New Research Shows Consumers Who Don’t Own A Home Could Be Worse Off in Retirement

By Peter Sarmas on 13 Nov 2017 No Comments

New Research released last week by Roy Morgan shows that people who don't own a home have become worse off in terms of their net wealth and are jeopardising their retirement. ...

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