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Households under Mortgage Stress Could Surpass 800,000

By Peter Sarmas on 19 Jun 2017 No Comments

The latest unemployment figure releases last week show the Australian economy is growing but is this true? We scratch the surface and look at the problem with our wage growth, our youth unemployment and why many households are suffering mortgage stress. ...

Economic Downturn Spells Trouble for Property Market

By Peter Sarmas on 29 May 2017 No Comments

Recent economic growth figures measured as GDP, show the Australian economy shuddered to a grinding halt, from 2.4% last year to 1.5% in the opening months of this year. ...

How Will the New Budget Affect Property Prices?

By Peter Sarmas on 15 May 2017 No Comments

In what's been the worst kept secret the Australian Govt released the Budget last week. We discuss how these new proposed measures will impact the property. ...

Proposed New Budget Plans will be a Disaster

By Peter Sarmas on 1 May 2017 No Comments

In the latest attempt to win votes Mr Scomo has hatched a new idea to help the besieged first time buyer market. Eight days out from the Federal Budget, the Government’s plan is to allow buyers who want to enter the housing market to direct pre-tax income into a savings account for a deposit. Wow! ...

New Population Figures Has Doomsayers Seeing Red

By Peter Sarmas on 26 Mar 2017 No Comments

At this rate, the ABS projects Victoria’s population to grow to 9.9 million by 2056, with Melbourne’s population equaling that of major cities like New York. This raises many questions about whether Victoria is ready for such growth. ...

The Misinformation on Australia’s Affordability Crisis

By Peter Sarmas on 20 Mar 2017 No Comments

Housing Affordability has become a political centerpiece for both State and Federal governments, with voters exerting enormous pressure to bring “The Great Australian Dream” within reach, especially for first home buyers. Whether new measures by government will increase housing affordability remains to be seen. ...

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