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New Versus Old Homes

By Greville Pabst on 8 Apr 2013 No Comments

As the price of land in Melbourne rises to new heights, the gap between new and established houses is narrowing. When choosing between newly built or established homes there are a number of factors for buyers to consider if they wish to maximise on capital growth, return rate and marketability ...

What’s Driving Property Values?

By Greville Pabst on 7 Apr 2013 No Comments

The social values and habits of Australian home buyers are changing. Struggling to manage the ever difficult balance between work and social life, Australians are recognising the importance of a home's proximity and accessibility to work, schools and transport ...

Thermally Efficient Homes

By Danielle King on 2 Mar 2013 No Comments

Energy efficient homes are a key weapon in Australia’s action against climate change.  One way to reduce the impact of climate change, which can also benefit the householder, is to enforce efficiency ratings on newly built homes. Current standards require that new homes comply with a minimum 5 Star Energy Efficiency Rating, increasing to 6 ...

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