Mother of Simon Cowell’s Love Child Demands His Properties

By Peter Sarmas on 10 Aug 2013
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X Factor creator Simon Cowell appears to have landed himself in some very hot water, and could be set to lose millions of dollars in property, assets and sponsorship. The 53-year-old music mogul is believed to be expecting a child with 36-year-old Lauren Silverman, the wife of multi-millionaire property tycoon and close friend of Cowell’s, Andrew Silverman, who has since filed for divorce from his now estranged wife after learning of the affair.

The Daily Mail has reported that sources say Mrs Silverman, who is thought to be approximately 10 weeks pregnant, has plans to withhold access from his first born child if Cowell does not marry her. An unnamed source has also claimed that “Lauren is now going around telling people that she will be in charge of all his properties around the world and has demanded a country home in the Cotswolds”.

“Lauren has also started to push Simon to turn her into a reality TV star. She wants her own show like the Kardashians and has already apparently started filming the pregnancy,” the source told the Daily Mail.

Despite the socialite’s attempt to use the pregnancy as leverage to take control of his properties, Cowell appears to have taken the news of the upcoming birth very positively. Although he refused to discuss the matter with the media, claiming that it was a “sensitive” topic during an X Factor press conference, the Daily Mail source said that he is already talking about creating separate baby wings in all his homes for Lauren and the baby to live.

“His mansions are huge and he will effectively be allowed to carry on with his own life without disruption,” said the source. “He has no problems looking after his heir apparent – that is all he is interested in and he will ensure Lauren has a roof over her head in order to raise his child.”

Currently, Cowell’s extensive property portfolio features a $15 million Los Angeles estate, a $3.3 million house in Barbados, a $5 million mansion that is currently under construction (also in Barbados), another $8 million home in Los Angeles, a $14.5 million home in London, and a $1.6 million property on an island near Dubai. He also has a smaller vacation home in Malaga, as well as a massive $24.2 million mansion in Beverly Hills

Despite the risk Cowell runs of losing control of his properties, the X Factor judge is also concerned about sponsorship deals he has for his various shows. The Daily Mail’s source claimed that “companies like Pepsi are not going to be pleased with the headlines about Cowell fathering a child with a married woman. His sponsors could argue that he has brought their brands into disrepute.”


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