Melbourne Property Market Update – January 3rd, 2015

By Peter Sarmas on 3 Jan 2015
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Digital Finance Analytics have updated their savings intentions data, using results from their latest household surveys. Using the DFA property segmentation, they compare the relative value of savings across the segments, and compare this distribution with last year. Outlined are the Household Savings Intentions for 2015.

A property research firm advises on investment properties, the tenant market and warns investors to steer clear of certain property price brackets.

The new study from the Boston Housing Authority published in the nicotine and tobacco research compared indoor air quality in multi-unit houses where smoking was completely prohibited with those where smoking was permitted. Five different residential developments were included in the study, including 15 households with resident smokers and 17 households without resident smokers. 

Real estate groups and principals could be fined up to $51,000 under new franchising rules that take effect in 2015. ACCC said there are significant changes and that it is important for all parties to understand their rights and responsibilities under the new code. Just how will the new franchising laws affect real estate groups and principals?

Is the Australia’s energy construction boom over? As demand falls and policy uncertainty continues, a long running boom in the building and construction of power and energy infrastructure now appears to be over according to this report which shows how the construction industry is affected on a state by state basis.

Okay, so Melbourne doesn’t boast of the fancy ‘Caribbean climate’ but that doesn’t make our beaches any less special. Come summer, we all love to don our swimwear and head for the water at some of our fabulous beaches right around the city and suburban regions highlighted here.

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