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What Should You Consider Before Buying Interstate?

By Kristie Kwok on 11 Dec 2013 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

Opportunities are plentiful if you are open to buying interstate. However, you need to have a bigger risk appetite in order to invest in markets further away because there are added dangers to this type of investment. Thorough research is required to build up your knowledge of an unfamiliar area in a different state ...

Slumlords Sublet by the Room – But You Should Think Twice

By Sharon Fox-Slater on 21 Nov 2013 1 Comment

Given the potential profits, some property owners are tempted to rent their house by the room, but this strategy can be a legal and logistical minefield. The situation is particularly alarming if you find your tenant is a potential ‘slumlord’, secretly subletting individual rooms for profit. The ‘rooming house’ concept is becoming increasingly common ...

How to Beat your Competition at Auction

By Peter Sarmas on 25 Oct 2013 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

If you’re a first home buyer looking to purchase your first property in Melbourne, it’s highly likely you’ve attended a few auctions over the recent weeks and seen some properties go for prices well above what the agent has been quoting. It’s not a nice way to enter the property market, but unfortunately that is the nature of the beast right now ...

The Seven Deadly Sins of Property Investing

By Greville Pabst on 24 Oct 2013 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

Property can be a great investment vehicle to grow your wealth. In fact, more of Australia’s wealthiest people attribute their fortune to property than any other investment class. But, as many will attest, it’s not all roses. Here’s a list of seven deadly sins committed by property investors the world over ...

Why You Need a Building Inspection Before Buying

By Peter Sarmas on 23 Oct 2013 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

If you are looking to buy a new house, you may have heard a lot of talk about building inspections and wondered whether you should get one before committing to a purchase. To put it simply, the answer is yes, you should! Building inspections are one of the most crucial steps you can take in ensuring you make a good purchase ...

How to Avoid a Headache When Renting to Family

By Peter Sarmas on 17 Oct 2013 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

Many real estate investors will ask themselves the question "should I rent to family?" While it is great to be in a position where you can help out someone you care about, it is important to maintain professionalism – after all, this is your investment. Here are 5 tips to avoid headaches when renting out a house to family ...

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