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Melbourne Market Good for Selling Houses by Auction

By Kristie Kwok on 6 Mar 2014 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

Although the number of property auctions in Melbourne grew significantly in 2013, almost 70 per cent of real estate sales were still conducted privately. For those who are looking to put their house on the market in order to upgrade, downsize or cash in on capital growth, when and why should you consider using a property auction ...

How to Compete for Tenants When Vacancy Rates are High

By Sharon Fox-Slater on 27 Feb 2014 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

Fuelled by low interest rates, home lending to property investors is at a record high – leading to the prospect of increased competition between landlords hoping to attract tenants. If vacancy rates rise, prospective tenants can afford to be more choosey and landlords are forced to compete for their attention ...

Make Your Mortgage Disappear Quicker with an Interest Rate Discount

By Kristie Kwok on 22 Jan 2014 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

A small interest rate drop can significantly reduce the term of your mortgage, especially if you combine other interest saving strategies such as making fortnightly repayments, putting in extra payments whenever possible, and using an offset account ...

Ten Tips to Avoid Trashing Your Home’s Value

By Peter Sarmas on 9 Jan 2014 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

With the recent influx of hit DIY home renovation television shows, more and more people are undertaking their own house renovations in an attempt to freshen up their home and add value to their property. Keep reading for our list of 10 top tips on how to add value to your home when renovating ...

First Time Investors: Should You Get Property Investment Advice?

By Kristie Kwok on 8 Jan 2014 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

Are you wondering whether to adopt a DIY investment approach or ask for expert help in relation to your investment property project? First time investors are often put off by the hefty fees that come with professional property advice. However, statistics tell us that half of the people who buy an investment property will sell up within the first five years ...

Twelve Low Cost Security Ideas for your Investment Property

By Sharon Fox-Slater on 12 Dec 2013 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

Properties offering good security have extra appeal for both tenants and insurers – and improvements don’t need to cost a fortune. Consider the following twelve simple and inexpensive security measures when preparing your investment property, and reduce the risk of intruders and burglaries ...

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