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By Peter Sarmas on 10 Nov 2013
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Looking for a coffee after a busy morning of inspections? This week Street News soaked in the atmosphere at Seddon coffee haven Common Galaxia.

Common Galaxia – Victoria Street

When you ride across town on a 30 degree day in a heat-absorbing black t-shirt, you’re gonna want to hydrate.

Luckily, my waitress at Common Galaxia understands this, and rather than judge me for glugging my way through half the water at the waiter’s station, she gets me a second glass, “so you don’t have to get up as much”. I think I’ll like this place.

Seddon’s gentrification feels new, and very tentative. The trees that are intended to turn Victoria Street into a handsome boulevard are still saplings, and the mechanics and panel-beaters co-habitate uneasily with the cafes and the studio apartments.

You can probably guess on which side of the divide Common Galaxia falls.

“It’s all so spot-on that it’s almost making me nervous.”

Common Galaxia was initially set up by Dead Man Espresso proprietors Luke Mutton and Kylie Mackinlay, but it very closely resembles a Seven Seeds operation.

It has Seven Seeds beans, and the classic third-wave combination of blonde wood, polished concrete, abundant natural light, and babin’ staff who take their coffee very seriously.

There’s a Synesso machine eyeing you off as you enter the premises, and if there’s any doubt about the quality of the coffee, let me dispel it for you: it’s bloody good.

The elaborate light fittings are right on trend too, as is the terrarium that dominates the communal table.

Hell, even the chairs, by Seddon design team LifeSpaceJourney, are just right. In fact, it’s all so spot-on that it’s almost making me nervous.

Luckily, my long macchiato is going down a treat, soothing my easily-jangled nerves and vindicating my choice of the Guatemalan single-origin, at the waitress’ recommendation (that waitress again!).

“If there’s any doubt about the quality of the coffee, let me dispel it for you: it’s bloody good.”

They do a brisk business in take-aways, but the various sit-down customers scattered across the premises are drinking their coffees in silence, and doing that thing where they close their eyes when they take a sip. That’s a very good sign.

And since I know you’re wondering, Common Galaxia is the proper name for whitebait. Which, strangely, doesn’t bob up on the menu.

What does pop up on the menu is an array of classic breakfast, brunch and lunch options, each with a subtle twist. Comfortably the most popular options are the take-away friendly sandwiches, with the Reuben and the roast chicken leading the way.

Thanks, Seddon – and thank you, Common Galaxia. I’ll be seeing you both soon.

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