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Clamping Down on Foreign Buyers Could Affect Property Market

By Peter Sarmas on 1 May 2016 No Comments

The second interesting bit of news this week was the big hit to foreign buyers. Not sure whether some of these new regulations are politically motivated but it seems the timing of this clamping down on lending to foreign buyers and the impending election on July 2nd seems very coincidental. ...

Cheap Money Spurs on Melbourne Market

By Peter Sarmas on 17 Apr 2016 No Comments

Melbourne Auction Results 17th April 2016 73% Clearance Rate 761 Reported Auctions Sold at Auction: 559     Passed in: 202     Sold Before: 107     Sold After: 1                 A clearance rate of 73 per cent was recorded this weekend compared to 73 per cent ...

Twenty Percent of Apartments Resold at a Loss

By Peter Sarmas on 3 Apr 2016 No Comments

There is a distinct separation between the price growth of detached homes and apartments. Melbourne apartments are seeing a 20% fall in value upon resale. ...

Is Australia Becoming a Nation of Landlords and Tenants?

By Peter Sarmas on 20 Mar 2016 No Comments

Last week saw a raft of some very important economic news and over the weekend the property market was put to the test when over 1700 properties auctioned. ...

Property Prices and Clearance Rates Defy Doomsayers

By Peter Sarmas on 6 Mar 2016 No Comments

The latest Core Logic Data released show Melbourne property prices for the month of February and the quarter rising, defying the doomsayers. ...

DFA Household Finance Security Index Lifts – For Some

By Martin North on 14 Dec 2015 No Comments

Will you be cautious with your finances in the lead up to Christmas? Martin North reports on the Digital Finance Analytics Finance Confidence Index. The results are derived from household surveys, averaged across Australia. The index measures how households are feeling about their financial health. ...

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