Living Green

Our Living Green articles are for those looking to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Our sustainable home design ideas, home energy saving tips and energy efficient suggestions will help you to save money on your electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Five Green Building Myths – Busted!

By Danielle King on 14 Mar 2014 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

Having efficient homes is not about living in a mud hut in a paddock! It’s about being smart with your choices, efficient with your resources and protecting the future of your best asset. There are many myths about creating a green home, and we think it’s about time some of those myths were busted. So here goes ...

How Good Walkability Can Equal Good Investment

By Urban Melbourne on 30 Dec 2013 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

One factor that is gaining increased gravity with investors is a suburb's walkability. Walkability is a points system derived by Walk Score, which evaluates accessibility and proximity to places, attractions and transportation options amongst other considerations to determine how walk-friendly a suburb is for those who choose to reside within it ...

Funky Fans for a Cool Summer

By Danielle King on 24 Dec 2013 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

Preparing for a hot summer means dusting off those fans and getting the shading ready. This is a great time for checking out the latest in fan technology, and there’s something to fit every situation. You'll find a large collection available these days, from the basic fans of 20 years ago to the very latest energy efficient models ...

New Green Building Rating Tool Launches

By Peter Sarmas on 15 Nov 2013 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has come up with a comprehensive rating tool that promises to improve the energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of existing buildings. GBCA’s Chief Executive Romily Madew expects the tool to be a “game changer” for Australia’s property ...

Ride to Work? You’ll Need a Bike Barrier For That

By Urban Melbourne on 1 Nov 2013 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

Between 1 and 3 per cent of Australian commuters are out on the roads today, proving cycling is often the fastest transport choice. Why don’t more people join them? It is not for a lack of interest, but the dangers involved in riding on Australian roads. We may have helmets, but the Dutch have the protection that matters: barrier protection ...

Rooftop Farming: Part of the Future of Inner-City Living

By Urban Melbourne on 18 Oct 2013 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

Rooftops are generally seen as the most ideal locations for setting up farms. As our least occupied areas, they are open to sunlight and rain, which are essential to a thriving garden. In recent times, there have been many initiatives to incorporate community gardens in existing areas ...

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