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Mum Brain – Bub Brain

By Trevor Chetcuti on 7 Dec 2015 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

A healthy, well balanced adult is derived from a child who was given the best opportunities in young life. The best opportunities aren’t necessarily derived from the best schools or the best education, but the best role models. Trevor Chetcuti of Spinewise Health and Performance talks about the effects of lifestyle on the developing child. ...

Has The Paleo Diet Got It Right?

By Trevor Chetcuti on 26 Aug 2015 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

Have you made the move towards the paleo diet? Trevor Chetcuti of Spinewise gives us an insight into the Paleo Diet and the medical facts! He also discusses the health impacts of foods such as dairy, gluten, grains and lactose. ...

Strength Versus Function

By Trevor Chetcuti on 17 Jul 2015 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

Did you know that pain is one of the biggest expenses to our health care system? A large part of this comes from structural issues such as low back pain. Trevor Chetcuti explains the importance of ‘core strength’ and how it is responsible for maintaining the structural integrity of the lower spine. ...

Reading Your Body’s Book Of Disease!

By Trevor Chetcuti on 21 Apr 2015 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

Many people aren’t aware of the very close link between our physical being and our physiology/biochemistry. Trevor Chetcuti highlights a range of awareness health indicators you can use to check your body's health and wellbeing. ...

The Amazing Diagnostic Art of Applied Kinesiology!

By Trevor Chetcuti on 17 Feb 2015 1 Comment

Despite the belief of many people, there is a growing body of research supporting the reliability and effectiveness of Applied Kinesiology (AK). Studies are occurring on a regular basis all over the world validating the correlations made by many different practitioners. ...

How To Keep Your Head Clear In 2015

By Trevor Chetcuti on 12 Jan 2015 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

Clouded thinking is a huge cause of emotional stress for many men and women. Feeling overwhelmed, your brain overloaded with too many things to remember, things to do and questions to answer. No time is this more noticeable than the lead up to a big event like Christmas, or the pressure of a New Year and new beginning. ...

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