Melbourne Property Market Update – November 28th, 2015

By Peter Sarmas on 27 Nov 2015
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Melbourne Sprawl Continues To Spread Unchecked

Despite the trend toward high-rise densification in Melbourne’s downtown core, housing sprawl continues to expand along the city’s undeveloped fringes at record rates. Find out what the implications are for Melbourne if urban sprawl continues.

Banks Still Hooked On Mortgage Loans – New Investment Loans Up 19%

The latest APRA Property Exposure data, to September 2015 provides an additional perspective on the loan books of the ADI’s. Property exposures are a record $1.35 trillion, up from $1.33 trillion in June, and up 9% on September 2014. View all the results in the report from Martin North.

Fishermans Bend Folly Holds Lessons For Urban Planning

The lack of adequate infrastructure planning for the Fishermans Bend area will likely have a range of dire implications for future residents, as well as the functioning and efficiency of other parts of the inner-city. Sourceable Industry News discusses vital lessons for those concerned with Australia’s future urban development.

P2P Lending Likely To Offer Home Loans

P2P lending globally has already moved into residential mortgages so it is likely that Australia will follow suit. Martin North of Digital Finance Analytics shares this interesting report from Australian Broker Online.

$400 Million Monash Freeway Upgrade Will Save Drivers 10 Minutes

The project, announced by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and Roads Minister Luke Donnellan, will add an additional lane in each direction between the EastLink interchange and South Gippsland Freeway, turning the Monash into a 10-lane highway. Find out what other changes are planned for the Monash upgrade.

The Block Auctions

The Blocktagon apartments went up for auction this week in South Yarra and all contestants walked away with substantial profits. Find out how it all went on auction night and get the inside information from all the winners.


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