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Michael Amarant

Michael Amarant

Hocking Stuart
Michael Amarant 0411 14...0411 144 569 Services Burnley VIC 3121

More About Michael Amarant

Among the many reasons senior sales consultant Michael Amarant loves working in Carlton and the inner city is the proliferation of bookshops and restaurants. "Good food and good literature are the staples of a sane existence," opines Michael. "Living in the inner city offers great diversity and wonderful community spirt." Little wonder Michael chose to build his new home in nearby Collingwood, an undertaking that he project managed himself.

Michael moved into real estate in 2003 after running a family textile import business for ten years. "There are a number of similarities that importing and real estate share. There is a seller and a buyer and you're negotiating to achieve a mutually satisfying outcome for both parties. In real estate there's even more personal contact and I love that. Meeting so many people with a positive outlook on life is very inspiring."

Michael describes his personal style as both analytical and open-minded. It's an approach that's well suited to hockingstuart. "I've been very impressed by the level of in-house training. I think by investing in your people and expanding their knowledge, you can't help but outsmart your competitors"

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