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John Clarkson

John Clarkson

Hocking Stuart
John Clarkson 0408 15...0408 153 045 307 Bay Street Brighton VIC 3186

More About John Clarkson

John Clarkson is as passionate about sport as he is about real estate. He's into football, swimming, waterskiing and going to the gym. John has had a long association with real estate before becoming an agent during the 1990s. He now says that he gets a similar adrenalin rush from closing a sale as he does from winning a close game. "I'm driven by a desire to achieve the highest possible price for my client. When I do, I get a real buzz."

John needs every ounce of his fitness and energy to keep up with his two young boys, Jack, aged four and James, 18 months. "Brighton is the ideal place to bring them up. It has a real village atmosphere, and the local kinder and creche are just fantastic." When it comes to choosing a school, John has a bit of inside knowledge as his wife, Rosy, is a local teacher.

John is driven to be the best he can in his professional life. "That's why I'm happy to be working for an agent like hockingstuart. They're always pushing themselves and their staff to find ways to do things even better."

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