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Anthony Anile

Anthony Anile

Hocking Stuart
Anthony Anile 0421 05...0421 056 056 50 Pier Street Altona VIC 3018

More About Anthony Anile

Anthony Anile is an inner west boy through and through. He's lived his whole life in Altona and Williamstown and went to St Paul's College in Altona North. "I know this area exceptionally well, the streets, the houses and even many of the faces. I'm always running into people I knew at school, or soccer mates from my playing days with Altona City."

It seemed only natural that Anthony be the man to open the Altona office for hockingstuart. "I started at hockingstuart Yarraville in 2002. I gained some invaluable experience over there and learned an enormous amount about the industry. When the chance came to set up the office in Altona, I really felt I was ready and I just jumped at it."

Anthony plans a long and successful career with hockingstuart and has ambitions to take the network into new areas. "The great strength of hockingstuart is the network. By reaching out to so many potential buyers, the likelihood of achieving a great result is much higher. And if I can help the network expand, the benefits for vendors will be even greater."

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