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First time property investors can save $4,264 in just one year

By Bradley Beer on 14 Apr 2015 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

First time property investors who have never claimed depreciation before, often ask how much of a difference depreciation deductions will make to their annual cash flow. Bradley Beer from BMT Tax Depreciation Quantity Surveying reveals how you can save $4,264 in just one year. ...

The Block To Spur Renovations This Spring

By Bradley Beer on 5 Sep 2014 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

Economic research undertaken for The Saturday Age suggests popular reality television show The Block has a statistically significant impact on the economy when it comes to renovations. Each time the series is broadcast, renovation spending across the nation gets a $251 million boost ...

How To Put An Extra $190 In Your Pocket Every Fortnight

By Bradley Beer on 1 Aug 2014 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

Many investors may not realise that they don’t have to wait all year to benefit from the deductions available to them. Instead, they can improve their cash flow throughout the year simply by nominating to use a Pay As You Go (PAYG) withholding variation. A PAYG withholding variation allows individuals to vary the amount of tax withheld ...

ATO Stats Confirm Investors are still Missing out on Depreciation Deductions

By Bradley Beer on 4 Jun 2014 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) recently released statistics relating to claims made by Australian property investors for the 2011-2012 income year which illustrated that a number of owners of rental properties are entitled to a number of deductions when they complete their annual income tax assessment ...

How to Become a Savvier Property Investor

By Bradley Beer on 21 May 2014 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

Property investing success requires groundwork before purchasing your first investment property. Want to become a savvy investor? Consider the following: What do you want to buy? Where do you want to buy it? What are your property investing goals? The answer these questions will determine whether or not you are ready to become an investor ...

What to Consider When Investing in Student Accommodation

By Bradley Beer on 23 Apr 2014 No Comments yet, your thoughts are very welcome

For 223,200 students, 2014 is their first year of university, taking the total of university students around the country to over 1 million. This means demand for accommodation has become quite competitive between students and families looking for well situated properties ...

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