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End of First Home Buyer Grant Unlikely to Prompt Rush

By Catherine Cashmore on 24 Jun 2013 No Comments

A 71 per cent clearance rate was recorded this weekend, and whilst outer suburban locations in Melbourne remain relatively stable, increases in inner and middle ring locations are noticeable. Activity has improved throughout the year and the competitive atmosphere is continuing to produce clearance figures comfortably in the 70s ...

Footscray and Surrounds Forecast to Grow Over Next Four Years

By Peter Sarmas on 22 Jun 2013 2 Comments

Footscray, West Footscray and Maidstone have been highlighted by property valuers Herron Todd White (HTW) as hotspots for growth over the next four to six years, underpinned by their proximity to the Melbourne’s CBD, local redevelopment projects and gentrification ...

Melbourne Property Market Update – June 22, 2013

By Peter Sarmas on 22 Jun 2013 No Comments

While the colder months often signal a slowdown in property, the news has been full of positivity this week. According to a recent survey, twice as many Australians are eager to buy now compared to the same time last year. Auction clearance rates have also been trending upwards ...

The Most Bizarre Homes in the World

By Emily Tatti on 21 Jun 2013 No Comments

Can you imagine living inside a giant conch shell or in a house straight out of The Jetsons? While the idea seems unusual to most of us, there are homeowners out there who have tested the bounds of architecture in order to build their dream house ...

Investing Outside your Neighbourhood

By Greville Pabst on 20 Jun 2013 No Comments

When investing in property, it is typical for buyers to purchase in areas they know well. Unfortunately, this strategy can sometimes be at the expense of investment performance. Astute investors select property based on the facts ...

The Pros and Cons Of Having A Mortgage Offset Account

By Peter Sarmas on 19 Jun 2013 1 Comment

With the NAB announcing that they’ve cut their five-year fixed-rate by 29 basis points to the 20 year low of 5.55%, you may be thinking that now is a good time to make the switch and fix your home loan’s interest rate. Before you decide, take some time to research the different types of home loans ...

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