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Should I Renovate to Sell An Investment?

By Peter Sarmas on 1 Aug 2013 No Comments

If you are thinking of selling an investment property, you’ve no doubt wondered whether you should renovate first. If it’s your first time, be warned. Renovating a house or a unit is not a simple task, and not necessarily a guarantee to bring in a higher price. There are some important things to consider ...

Have You Voted on The Future of Flinders Street Station?

By Emily Tatti on 31 Jul 2013 No Comments

In 2011, the Victorian Government launched the $1 million Flinders Street Station Design Competition. A total of 118 architects, engineers and urban designers submitted their innovative concepts for the Melbourne icon’s redevelopment, which ranged from ultra-modern to spacious and green ...

Top Tips for Buying at Auction

By Greville Pabst on 31 Jul 2013 No Comments

Despite the hundreds of auctions held in Melbourne every weekend, many buyers continue to miss out on their dream home or carefully selected investment property. So what steps can you take to increase your chances of placing the winning bid on your next property? The key is to participate ...

Five Reasons Frankston is Worth a Closer Look

By Cate Bakos on 30 Jul 2013 1 Comment

I recently had the pleasure of assisting two young home buyers with the purchase of their home. Like many other couples on the quest to buy a 3 bedroom home on a nice block of land close to amenities in the sub-$400K price bracket, they had turned over their options in the Dandenongs and the outer east ...

Could The Touted Recession Get Revised Away?

By Pete Wargent on 30 Jul 2013 No Comments

It's well known that some commentators have been going on and on (and on) about the risk that Australia will sink into recession. Australia's GDP growth is bumbling along at a trend of 2.6 per cent per annum or a seasonally adjusted 2.5 per cent p.a. The bearish excitement reached fever pitch ...

The Twins Win The Block Sky High, But How Much Did The Apartments Sell For?

By Peter Sarmas on 29 Jul 2013 No Comments

Adelaide sisters Alisa and Lysandra of apartment level 1 have been announced the winners of the 2013 season of The Block Sky High after selling their property for $1.435 million, $295,000 over the $1.14 million reserve price. The identical twins have seen their months of hard work pay off ...

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